audio-visual experimenting

Maria Takeuchi is a multi-instrumental music producer, based in Brooklyn, NY, who is originally from a small town in Japan. Maria’s synesthetic composition, which appeals to other senses beyond hearing, expresses her own philosophy and emotions as if to paint on canvas by colored sound. Her sound is easily “visualized” by listeners.

Through experience in wide-range genre originally as a bassist in bands, she creates interesting balance between fractured rhythm and laid-back bass line, and it has a taste of 80s electronic and modern digital art music using analog and digital instruments. Percussive breathy sampled voice calms down the rhythm, and modurated tones bring emotions. 

Maria released her first composition album “Doppelgänger” in 2012. This six-track minimal composition shows merging the contrast between analog and digital, classical and electronic, harmony and disharmony with a refined avant-garde touch. Second track ‘Grey Water’ was inspired by the exhibition “INDEPENSENSE, Fabbrica Eos” held in Milan, Italy by Giuseppe Mastromatteo.

She also collaborates with art director Ai Kobayashi as Project ”O” and make experimental art films in order to pursue audio-visual experiences. ‘Karma Train’ ‘Cobblestone’’Noise’ are one of them.

The new album “NEUTRALISM”, logically focused on the depth of audio, nature inspired eight track experimental artistic album. NEUTRALISM defines neutral judgement existing in natural principles, beyond right or wrong through the view of outstand observer and nostalgic feelings. Art wok is a collaboration with talented 3D artist, Frederico Phillips.








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